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Pougatch Media have teamed up with some of the best names in broadcasting to help you record your story as an audio memoir or business podcast. Chief among them are Mark Pougatch, Sybil Roscoe and Cornelius Lysaght who came together to discuss the art of the great interview. Have a listen below.  

THE ART OF THE GREAT INTERVIEWMark Pougatch, Sybil Roscoe & Cornelius Lysaght
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It might be your grandmother talking about her memories of the war, how your grandfather built his business or your own life story. Our interviewers will use their experience to tease your stories out in the form of a relaxed interview.  

"I was very excited to commission an audio memoir for my parents to be interviewed as a lasting gift for their grandchildren currently aged from 24 to 6 weeks old! They loved the experience and were made to feel so comfortable and at ease with the professionalism throughout. We were all delighted with the result." Emily Cave 

THE WITNESS BOXAnnabel Leventon
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You can embed these on your website, send them out to current and potential clients or use them to enhance your brand. If you’ve recently sold your business, why not talk about how you built it so that you have something to share with the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs? 

"As the leader of a business, your personal experiences and environmental influences define your unique manner of being. It was revelatory to have an expert interviewer gently lift the lid and explore what’s going on in my brain. The results are amazing." Andrew Baud – Managing Director, TALA

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We ensure the highest production values so that you will end up with a broadcast version of your life story to share with friends and family or to enhance your business brand.  Enquire here.

Pougatch Media Writing and Editig


Whether you’re developing a website, creating a pitch or writing a book, language and how we express ourselves has never been more important. At Pougatch Media we take the time to understand your business. We analyse your writing to make sure your prose is purposeful, coherent, concise and relevant. 

"Victoria from Pougatch Media is a first-class copywriter and has played a critical role in the development of our written assets across the business. She has outstanding writing skills and attention to detail, but her ability to digest large amounts of information, see through the clutter and draw out our key messages clearly, concisely and effectively are what sets her apart." David Kempshall CEO – Fever Media Group

We provide either a complete writing service or can edit and proof-read what you’ve written to enable you to construct your story so that you appeal to your target audience.  Find out more.

"I turned to Victoria for help with preparing my memoir for submission to agents. She listened carefully and understood what I was trying to achieve, supporting me through the process of early drafts, pointing out where changes might improve the manuscript and asking me poignant questions about my narrative. Her tireless support enabled me to pin down the wider arc of my story. I have been successful in acquiring a wonderful agent who remarked how strong my proposal was and that my first three chapters needed no editing. She signed me even before reading the rest of the manuscript - testament in part to the thorough editing and input from Pougatch Media." Jess Blatchley

Pougatch Media Write Right Workshops


Bringing creative writing into the workplace

Pougatch Media run half-day workshops on writing for business. Using exercises in creative writing we take you out of your comfort zone to make you braver. In just a few hours we give you techniques to make the most of your writing.  Book a Workshop.

"I was really inspired by the creative writing class. It was fun, cathartic, and helped me to get in touch with who I am as a business woman, why I’m doing what I’m doing and what I want my business to be. I left the class feeling more confident and capable than when I arrived."  Emma Blount

About Pougatch Media


I am a writer with extensive experience editing and writing websites, documentary pitches, proposals, brochures and books. I have worked as a literary agent, a secondary school English teacher and have an M.A. with distinction in creative writing. I am also a director of the broadcast services company Saddleback Media and was a partner of the boutique writing agency Pougatch Alexander. I have written for newspapers and produced both podcasts and online training videos and am a mentor for Koestler Arts. 


I am all about words and love nothing more than to help people to tell their stories. 

Victoria Pougatch

Victoria Pougatch - Pougatch Media

Storytelling at its best.
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