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At Pougatch Media we can help you tell your story in the form of a 45-minute relaxed and professional interview. The interviewer will be either Mark Pougatch, Sybil Ruscoe or Cornelius Lysaght who between them have interviewed everyone from Tony Blair to Usain Bolt, Desmond Tutu to Frankie Dettori and David Beckham to Dolly Parton. 

We offer two types of recording, either a personal audio memoir - the perfect gift to celebrate a significant birthday or anniversary - or a business podcast which allows you to record your professional memoir with complete editorial control. 

We ensure the highest production values so that you will end up with a broadcast version of your life story to share with friends and family or to strengthen your business brand.  Enquire here.

Audo Memoirs

Audio Memoirs


How often have you wished that those stories your grandparents told you had been written down or recorded? So many family tales have been lost in the past and the voices of loved ones with them. 

Pougatch Media will help you create a unique audio memoir by interviewing a family member about their life and the events that have shaped it.


Engineered and produced by a BBC sound engineer to the highest standards, the result will be an audio memento of a loved one’s life that can be handed down the generations. It might be your grandmother talking about her memories of the war, how your grandfather built his business or your own life story. 

Click below to hear an excerpt from Annabel Leventon's memoir about her victory in the witness box. 


"I was very excited to commission an audio memoir for my parents to be interviewed as a lasting gift for their grandchildren. They loved the experience and were made to feel so comfortable and at ease with the professionalism throughout. We were all delighted with the result."

Emily Cave 

Business Podcasts

Business Podcasts


Our experienced interviewers can talk to you about your life in business, how you built your company, your triumphs, your mistakes and the many lessons you have learned. 

You can embed the podcast on your website, send it out to current and potential clients and use it to enhance your brand.

If you’ve recently sold your business, why not talk about how you built it so that you have something to share with the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs? 

This is a unique opportunity for you to create a broadcast quality record of your working life.

Click below to hear an excerpt from Andrew Baud talking about his business. You can hear his full story here.


"As the leader of a business, your personal experiences and environmental influences define your unique manner of being. It was revelatory to have an expert interviewer gently lift the lid and explore what’s going on in my brain. The results are amazing."

Andrew Baud – Managing Director, TALA

How It Works

We begin by helping you decide who you want to do the interview. We then send out a questionnaire so you can start to think about what areas of your life you'd like to cover or you can just let us know what you'd like to talk about. If you have any articles or books that would help us with our research, this is the time to point us in that direction. 


We follow that up with a meeting to nail down exactly what areas you'd like to cover. We like to make the recording experience as comfortable as possible and would come to a location of your choice.


The whole interview, including setting up, takes about two hours. We will send out a first cut for approval - it's really important that you're happy with it. You will receive two copies of the edited memoir on personalised USB sticks and can order more. The recording can also be made available online if that's something you’d like. We can talk about the various options. For a quote please get in touch.


"Audio memoir - what an intriguing idea. A chance to gather together your thoughts and memories in conversation with a professional interviewer. As it turned out, 'professional' proved to be an understatement, Mark was superb. When your interviewer has done all his homework and asks all the right questions, in a fun, intelligent, super-relaxed environment, you find yourself discovering all kinds of things you didn’t know you thought. I opened up like the proverbial clam and had such fun doing it. Mark’s style is refreshing: direct, challenging, encouraging, responsive – everything you’d want an interviewer to be, without it feeling remotely like an interview. He phrased and timed things beautifully.  It turned out to be not only enormous fun, but very moving, too. And mine to keep!"

Annabel Leventon – Personal Memoir

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