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Mark Pougatch talks about filmed life stories and what we can do for you.

We have teamed up with a very experienced camera company who have the capacity to film whatever you want. We use a minimum of two cameras to give us flexibility when editing.

Filmed interviews

Our interviews are conducted by some of the most experienced broadcasters in the business, including Mark Pougatch, Sybil Ruscoe and Cornelius Lysaght who have over a hundred years of professional interviewing experience between them. They know how to put people at their ease and get the best out of their subjects.


Filmed life stories can be for either personal or professional use.

Business Films


When we interview you for your business story, we can illustrate this with film footage of your company. This is very useful if you have a product to sell. We can overlay the interview with footage from your factory, your key workers, your production line, we can even take drone clips – capturing whatever it is that makes your company unique.

Hamish Mackie - Meet the Sculptor

We were commissioned by the sculptor, Hamish Mackie, to make a short film about his work, his life and the process of sculpting.

Personal Films


Why not have your personal life story in a 45-minute film? We can interview you in your house and garden, show pictures and photos of your grandchildren or simply whatever you want to create a unique memoir. You will be filmed in the comfort of your home or wherever makes you feel relaxed. 

Sybil Ruscoe talks to Tania Dereham about her life

An 80th birthday present from her children.

How It Works


This is a bespoke offering and we would start with a meeting that covers everything that you would want to talk about and film. You should allow at least half a day for filming. Our camera company - who work in television on major events - will edit the footage and also provide an audio version for you. You will end up with a broadcast quality version of your filmed life story. To find out more please contact us.


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